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Salustro Partnership Architects LLC is a preeminent custom Architectural firm headed by the husband and wife team of John and Constance Salustro. The partners are graduates of the esteemed School of Architecture at the University of Miami and both studied under several internationally accomplished professors. Prior to and after graduation, they were exposed to various projects in South Florida and each personally contributed to the initial planning and development of the now famous revitalized South Beach neighborhoods of Miami; one of the most important and successful inner city revitalization efforts in U.S. history.

Bringing their fresh design flair to the northeast, they founded the Firm in 1984 and quickly began to accumulate a long list of distinguished projects, receiving various design awards and recognition along the way. Being responsible for some of the most recognized and admired structures in New Jersey’s Somerset County and surrounding area, they established themselves as one of the State’s most influential and sought after architectural design firms. While continuing to enjoy growing success in New Jersey they expanded their work to other states, including New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

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Now headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and still designing projects in New Jersey, the firm is continuing the tradition and philosophy of excellence begun over 35 years ago. Creating in the architectural vernacular and landscapes of diverse regional areas is an invigorating challenge, one which also requires a sensitivity for each climate. With a respect for both, the firm embraces the opportunity to design on the hills and shoreline of the northeastern states, to the low country of South Carolina and oceanfront of South Florida, to the prestigious Park Avenue in New York City, to the arid and unique desert Southwest. We believe this diversity allows us to approach each new project with a fresh outlook and unique design solution.

John W. Salustro


Registered Architect: Arizona, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.
Professional Planner: New Jersey.
Professional Affiliations: Certified with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.
35 years in practice, Bachelor of Architecture, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL

I couldn’t imagine not designing and practicing architecture. It’s something that is ever-present and exists within one’s fabric, always guiding how we see the world. Architecture must be a part of, and respectful of its surroundings. Fashions and trends come and go; architecture should not take its que from those. If it follows the heart and soul, it will be timeless.

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Constance K. Salustro


Registered architect: New Jersey, New York.
Professional Planner: New Jersey.
Professional/Academic Affiliations: member of the Tau Beta Pi Society, certified with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, recipient of Golden T-Square Award.
35 years in practice, Bachelor of Architecture, Magna Cum Laude, University of Miami. 

We love creating beautiful buildings and spaces for people and everyone deserves to live, work and play in a functional and comfortable environment . Good design is all about investigating the possibilities, selecting the best alternative for the project and developing that into a building that enhances and supports one’s lifestyle. We like to create buildings that are fun and a pleasure to experience!

Jacquelyn L. Salustro

Interior Designer, Intern Architect

Bachelor of Science in Communication, Magna Cum Laude, Boston University Advertising with a minor in Visual Arts.

Currently an intern architect progressing toward licensure by 2024

When I realized the fundamental principles shared between Advertising and Architecture, I dove head first into learning the trade. An advertising campaign must be striking as well as informative; a building should be captivating and still function effortlessly. The two fields require a balance between conceptual and practical design. There’s something exciting about creating the spaces where people live their lives. I get to create art that simultaneously serves a purpose, and that is absolutely incredible.

Media, Merits and Testimonials

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Thank you for all the work on our renovation & dealing w/the numerous contractor issues. We love the house and our contractor asked for a copy of this book we made to use with his clients. We wanted to share this with you as well to show you how things turned out, and to use with your clients if that is useful. Thanks again and Best Wishes.
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Connie and John: Just a short note to thank you both for your valued assistance in securing the necessary permits and your inspection of the building site. You have given us assurance and peace of mind that the contractor and the work are up to standard. Thanks again to both of you.
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I thought you might be interested to know that we find the apartment delightful in all seasons, and in ways we had not foreseen.
I have wanted to write you for several months to ask whether or not you had designed the new buildings that have transformed Warren Township into one of the most attractive county centers to be found anywhere. This achievement should be covered by one of the better architectural magazines!
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John, Thank you for your assistance in evaluating the construction project and especially for taking time to stop by the house to inspect. We value your opinion. Hope you enjoy the Brunello.
Having spent an extremely large part of the past year in our apartment, we just wanted to let you know how appreciative we are of the wonderful job you did in designing it for us. It has been over two years since we moved in, and we continue to enjoy it more and more. If one has to be confined somewhere due to a pandemic, the punishment is definitely diminished somewhat in a beautifully designed space. You took raw emptiness and created a living space that meets our every need. There is literally nothing we would change in the design.( like with the Watchung house design as well).
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I called your firm because I live directly across the street from a home you designed which is under construction. You may know our name, _ _ _ . My husband is D_ _ L _ _ of _ _ _ and we’ve built and sold a few thousand homes and industrial buildings all over New Jersey. We just wanted you to know that the house you designed is by far, the nicest home we’ve ever seen, including our own. We just wanted you to know that.
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That building is THE nicest building in Warren, hands down.
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You guys have changed the face of Warren. Your buildings are all over and are beautiful. There’s no question you designed them.
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Mike and I wanted to tell you that we love the addition and renovations you designed for our home. You listened to every word we said and gave us everything we wished for. We worked with two other architects before hiring you. I was so frustrated with the last one, I left their office and literally sat in my car crying from disappointment. Thank you!
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Connie & John, Thank you for a job well done!
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Gary and I want you to know how happy we are with our addition. We’re thoroughly enjoying the new space and needed every square foot over the holidays! John, we really have to thank you for all your attention to detail and assistance in the selection of various subcontractors. Each one proved to be an excellent choice. A special thanks for your persistent recommendation to go forward with the skylights. I can’t imagine the room without them……Gary and I are hoping the vote is positive to go forward with the improvements at the golf club. We think you did a wonderful job with the drawings and, as always, with great creativity and imagination! As soon as the Spring thaw is upon us, we would like you to visit and see the completed project inside and out
H.M.S.Senior Engineer
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Letter from Senior Engineer at AT&T Bell Laboratories regarding the multi-floor interior renovations for new research spaces at the Murray Hill, NJ headquarters

On Behalf of our technical organization customer and for ourselves, we wish to commend you and the firm for the outstanding architectural effort and support rendered us in the design and construction effort in the afore mentioned project. This is another job well done. It, once again, was a pleasure having you on our team and we look forward to a continued good relationship.
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To: The Gang who made 130 Blanchard What It Is Today. …Join us for wine. And some crackers and cheese. Look over the house. And see why we’re so pleased. It’s a grand house for parties. We love the great view. We’re happy to be here. We’d like to thank you!
G.H.Heinzer Engineering, Inc
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Dear Connie and John, The other day I had the occasion to visit the American Cyanamid job site. I was most pleased with the entire project, the architectural work, as well as the mechanical. I want to say again that I was very happy with the performance, the cooperation and the skill demonstrated by the Salustro Partnership on this project. It was an uncommon pleasure working with people as capable as yourselves who had a positive ‘can do’ attitude. The success of this project is, in no small measure, attributable to the efforts of the Salustro Partnership. We certainly look forward to working with you again on future projects.
D.D.SGeneral Contractor
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I would like to compliment you on Higgins Funeral Home. You really did a great job. It’s a credit the community.
H.M.S.Senior Engineer
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Letter from Senior Engineer at AT&T Bell Laboratories regarding a second multi-area interior renovation for new research spaces at the Murray Hill, NJ headquarters

On Behalf of our technical organization customer and for ourselves, we wish to commend you and John for the outstanding architectural effort and support rendered us in the design and construction of Division 112 New Space Project… Your conceptual space presentations, materials and color selection, development of the data distribution and linear ceiling concept, furnishing of the myriad of architectural design and details and your coordination effort in general were all of first quality as the completed project so elegantly states. It, once again, was a distinct pleasure having you on our design team, and we look forward to a continued good relationship.
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Letter from a client regarding the first of two custom homes we did.

“Dear Connie, In my job, I very often receive thank-you notes from families… Knowing too how good this makes me feel, compelled this note to you. George and I have wanted for two years to relocate to Warren. It’s not been an especially memorable experience until I met you. It’s ironic that once we met, all the puzzle pieces seemed to fit in order… This house is going to be gorgeous! We are so impressed with the look of the front façade! Everyone we’ve shown the plans to can’t believe how lovely it is! When we were told, ‘the new-upcoming architects in the area is Salustro Partnership’, this person wasn’t kidding. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone… I speak for George when I say, ‘Thank-You’, you’ve made this stretch of our journey very stress-free.
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Your Coldwell Banker Building is beautiful from all sides!
M.K.Township Administrator
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Letter from Township Administrator regarding and addition and renovations to an 80-year old building converted to a municipal court building:

“Dear Ms. Salustro, It was an extreme pleasure to work with you, John and the rest of your staff on this project. I realize that this project had many circumstances and events which were beyond any of our expectations. The diligence in which you conducted yourselves on the construction administration of this project, is greatly appreciated by myself and the Township…Thank you and I look forward to working with you on additional projects.
A.N.AT&T Bell Laboratories
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Letter from Division Head at AT&T Bell Laboratories regarding the completed project at the Murray Hill, NJ headquarters.

“The Murray Hill personnel of Division 113 has just moved into the new area prepared for us….and are quite happy with our new and unique area. …Connie Salustro…presenting us with design alternatives for various areas and several versions of cable trays…solid partitions on an overhead track as a much better conference room divider than the folding partitions we’d used… In our area, Connie Salustro has put together her second non-traditional and distinctive lab area, the first being for 1126 on the fourth floor. She has helped us through the choice of corridor and room carpet colors, and coordinated the conference area designs to complement and contrast with this basic décor. She designed an especially inviting kitchen area, a natural gathering place for researchers to swap ideas while taking a break. She worked with individuals to design lab areas as well. Basic concepts carried over from the earlier design – ceiling and clerestory windows on inside partitions – have given the area a more open and natural look.


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