Aspen Ice Rink

This 79,500 square foot, twin-ice rink arena in Randolph, NJ. was a hit from the very start, as hockey teams booked ice time 18 months in advance of its completion.

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Aspen Ice is an 79,500 square foot, twin-ice rink arena building in Randolph, NJ. Designed using a pre-engineered metal building system to economize construction costs, we designed a custom floor plan and building elevation. We coordinated all aspects of construction and design with the metal building manufacturer and our architecture and our consulting engineers for structure, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. The main floor plan includes and entrance lobby with ticket office, two 85’ x 200’ ice rinks each with team boxes, team locker rooms, public toilet rooms, public concession areas, Zamboni ice cleaning room, Dehumidification Mechanical Room, etc. The 17,500 square foot Mezzanine level includes a public milling area which may be used for private parties and gatherings, Grandstands overlooking the ice, Offices, and toilet rooms. Building sections, construction details, floor plans, elevations, etc., were provided by our office and coordinated with the metal building manufacturer for construction. The metal building is a steel framed gable roof structure with large main wall and roof beams, wall and roof purlins, and metal siding and roof. The resulting structural loads and reactions imposed by the metal building were provided to our office and we coordinated the foundation design with our structural engineer. Aspen Ice was a success from the start with ice time being booked by hockey teams 18 months in advance of the building’s completion.

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