Warrenview Knoll

Warren, NJ. This 20,000 square foot, two story office building sits on a wooded, terrace-terrain knoll just off of Interstate 78.

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Located in Warren, NJ, this office building sits on a wooded, terrace-terrain knoll on a main artery street just off of Interstate 78. Designed as a 2-story building with a connected one-story wing adjacent to the second floor, it contains a floor area of 20,000 square feet and includes a central lobby with elevator, stairs, and common toilet rooms. Since it is partially built into a hill, the rear and side walls of the first floor had to be designed as retaining walls. For this reason, the perimeter walls for the first floor are masonry load-bearing walls, the second floor is supported by open-web steel bar joists, metal deck with concrete topping. The intermediate interior supports are steel columns and the roof structure is light gauge metal roof trusses. Exterior materials include red brick with masonry  unit accent bands, stucco, metal roofing, and fiberglass asphalt shingles for the main roof.

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