1950s Split Level Gets A New Look

A fresh new terraced floor plan addition for a growing family.

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The owners of this split-level development home desired a fresh new floor plan as well as a new look for their tired-looking home. As their family grew and their interests and tastes ranged from the contemporary to Arts and Crafts, to Southwestern style of living, the existing conventional house no longer met their needs. Over the course of 2 years, the owners collected “idea” pictures and attempted to come up with a remodeling plan but realized they required an architect who could transform their home into a reality suiting their tastes and needs. They asked an architect friend to advise who, in turn, recommended our firm. Responding to their concerns, we designed an 1,100 square foot ‘terraced’ floor plan addition and façade to capture sunlight and create interest. The kitchen was designed with the family in mind as they enjoy cooking together and a new home-office was added. The front of the house was expanded to include a new portico and second-floor master bathroom, as well as a kitchen addition which also wrapped to the side of the house with a frameless corner window. A skylight filled kitchen dining space was also added at the side with lots of glass virtually opening the space to the wooded outside.

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