Builder Spec Colonial Gets and Addition

Instant curb appeal and room to grow.

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Built in the late 1980s as a “spec home” by a builder/developer, the owners came to us years after it was completed and wanted to expand the home for their growing family. In doing so, they also wanted to give the house more ‘curb appeal’. Most of the addition was located to the rear of the home and included expanding and redesigning the kitchen, the addition of several first floor rooms including a family room open to the kitchen, a laundry sewing room, arts and crafts room, an office, and an entertainment room. A new rear deck was added along with a gazebo. The rear additions covered most of the existing house but a glimpse of the existing 2nd-floor portion is visible in the “Rear After” photo. Dormers were added to the garages side roof which created additional space and natural light in the room over the garage. The enhance the front of the house, a new portico was added at the front door, a gable roof was added over the center front roof, a new dormer was added to the mid-roof area, and new siding, trim, and detailing was added.

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