Spring Lake Shore House

Additions on three sides and complete remodel transform this Summer Home

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The clients purchased this house located in the upscale sought-after community of Spring Lake, NJ for its potential and proximity to the small town center and ocean. The original house was built in the 1940s, had not been updated, and was a series of separate rooms. Much of the exterior was deteriorating from years of neglect and the harsh winters of wind-driven salt-air. The entire interior was gutted and we redesigned each floor to open spaces up, also adding additions to the rear, side, and levels above. Additions included bay windows, a new deck, and large overhangs supported by double pilasters to provide shelter. The exterior received new siding and detailing and the additions to the side and rear were designed using steeply pitched roofs, eyebrow dormered dining space, extended gable peak walls, and custom-designed trim to introduce architectural character to the summer residence. The existing porches received new balusters, railings, and posts to complement the home.

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