Hotel La Plere Condominiums

A turn of the century hotel in decay lovingly restored to 36 private luxury homes.

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Located in the seaside town of Ocean Grove, Hotel La Piere Condominiums sit on a lake directly across from Asbury Park, NJ. The original Victorian architecture building, circa 1900, was constructed as 82 hotel rooms but had greatly deteriorated over the years and much of its original detailing had deteriorated or had been removed. Our client wished to restore the building and convert it to private condominium residences. We found inspiration from the only image available to us of the original building, a postcard discovered in one of the rooms of the building sent in the 1920s. We designed 36 private dwellings all accessed from a new atrium hallway with stairwells and an elevator. The exterior was redesigned to include balconies, new roof dormers, and Victorian-style architectural ornamentation. We documented on the construction drawings, the original roof eave corbels by meticulously measuring each facet of curves, radius, and reliefs so these could be recreated in millwork and installed around the perimeter of the building’s new roof eaves.  

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