A 1960’s Modern Architecture Office Building becomes a Bank Headquarters with a new Image

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This client, a newly formed bank, invited our firm and another architectural firm to each submit a design for their new headquarters. One of the client’s design requirements was create a classical look for the building rather than the dated 60’s hard contemporary lines of the existing flat roofed pre-cast concrete aggregate façade. The existing façade included regularly spaced boxed-out windows prominently placed along the entire length and perimeter of the building.

Our solution proposed leaving the pre-cast façade while proposing a new colonnade “layer” which would float several feet in front of the 1960’s façade. This colonnade would become a new focal element diverting approaching visitor’s attention away from the original façade while providing a new classical character. Alteration of the existing pre-cast elements would have been expensive. Our solution was not only cost-effective, but did not disturb the existing structure which could have led to additional unforeseen costs.

Also included in our design was a new front entrance Portico with a blue colored pyramidal skylight which bathed visitors and the entrance court below in colorful, soothing natural light. We were awarded the project and, as part of our scope, we completed the design, construction drawings, and selected the colors and signage for the bank’s new headquarters.

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