8 Mountain Blvd-Warren Medical Building

Located at 8 Mountain Boulevard in Warren, NJ, this building is a 4,100 square foot medical office building addition to an 8,525 square foot building built in the 1960s. This addition is on the front of the building and faces a main thoroughfare. Since a portion of the existing building was to be left exposed facing the road, the addition was designed to harmonize with, and enhance the existing structure. The addition includes an elevator connecting the main level with a new basement, staircase, and offices. Existing exterior building materials included dark brown concrete masonry fluted block and a low sloped truss roof with asphalt shingles. New materials include similar colored fluted masonry units for the building’s base with lighter colored textured masonry units above as well as green-colored accent masonry units.

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Scottsdale, AZ / Warren, NJ

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