Warren Court and Police Building

A once vacant and deteriorating library gets new life as much needed courtroom, meeting room, and court offices.

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Located on a parcel of land in the downtown of Warren, NJ, this original circa 1920’s wood-framed stucco building was used as the town’s library until about 1988 when a new library was built adjacent to this building. Afterward, the old ‘library’ sat vacant and in disrepair.

Years later and physically connected to the town’s police department to the rear, the town made the decision to repurpose the prominently located building by converting it to a much-needed courtroom, meeting room, court offices, toilet rooms, and police emergency management office. Our office designed the new renovations to include a large courtroom/public meeting room with an adjacent meeting room, as well as a new addition lobby and new addition stair tower connecting this level with the police wing to rear and the new police emergency management office located over the new lobby.

Designing and coordinating the renovations for a modern facility posed a challenge due to the low ceilings and low floor-to-floor height of the existing structure. All new mechanical systems, ductwork, electrical lighting, and plumbing services required meticulous planning and coordination to assure all would fit within the existing construction cavities without conflict. All interior finishes, as well as the courtroom cherry millwork dais, were designed by our office.

This building was one of three (Court, new Library, and Municipal Offices) forming a U-shape around a parking lot and driveway. As there was ample parking, the mayor and town council suggested eliminating the central parking and driveway and our office designed a new landscaped pedestrian plaza connecting all 3 buildings.

Years later our office was retained by the town to design a new Towne Hall Building also located on this site.

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