Exercise Room and MBR Addition to plain Colonial

Same Client – 2 separate Additions

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Featured here is the second project we did for this client. The first of which was a first and second-floor kitchen and master bedroom addition. This second project was the addition of an exercise room. The existing floor plan of the house had us choose this location for the addition due to the functionality of access on the first floor as well as minimizing disturbance and loss of views to the rear yard for the existing spaces. To avoid losing second-floor windows in the second-floor bedrooms, we designed the addition with a high ceiling flat roof structure. Designing this addition on the first floor at this location also placed it close to the second-floor master bedroom thus allowing us to include a private staircase directly from the master suite down to the exercise room. We set the roof height of the addition relative to the floor of the master suite and provided French doors from the bedroom on to the new roof and covered the roof with stone surfacing creating a terrace for the master suite. The new exercise room addition cut into the natural terrain and much of the room’s floor was below grade. To respect this condition but also to provide natural daylight we designed the windows to be close to ground level and also designed landscaping and hardscaping at the perimeter to include landscape flowering beds and a peaceful stepping stone walkway around the room. A major feature of the room is the central glass pyramidal roof structure which provides the sense that you are working out in the outdoors but in a conditioned space.

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