In-law Suite and 2-Car Garage with Home Office

Same Client – 3 separate Additions

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Shown here are 2 of 3 projects we designed for this client. The second was a detached 3-car garage to replace a dilapidated 2-car garage which stood in this location. The client was relocating his business from an office building to his house and wished to have it located above the detached garage. The structure had to blend in with the home and provide a welcoming feel to anyone entering the driveway. Local zoning laws dictated the allowable height for the roof and addition. The solution was to design the second-floor “office” as a large open space all contained below as much usable square footage as possible while looking visually appealing. The third project was the addition of an In-Law Suite to be located on the first floor together with an expansion of the existing second-floor master bedroom to provide a private bathroom and a larger closet. The addition provided the opportunity to enhance the front and side of the home and the in-law suite at the side and rear complimented the 1st project we did which was a large family room, kitchen, master bedroom, and deck

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