Ocean-Front Entertainment Complex

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Located on an ocean-front parcel in the redevelopment district of Long Branch, NJ, this project was a former one-story naval military armory building and garage with a floor area of 46,500 square feet. Used for the storage of weapons, vehicles, and equipment, the building was constructed of masonry and steel construction providing a well-suited structure for re-purposing into a large assembly type building.

The city itself was in the midst of redevelopment and a building housing various complimenting business’ could provide a high influx of customers thereby increasing revenue and potential property development to the surrounding areas. Some of the uses proposed within the building were a fine-dining restaurant, casual small eateries, an entertainment arcade, an adult gaming area, seaside beach shops, an outdoor covered bar, and a new second-level eating and milling area with gazebo-like seaside observation decks.

Designed with a festive, nautical flair, the exterior was intended to invoke a sense of celebration and festivities. A new building ‘layer’ was designed for the ocean-side elevations to breathe new life into the otherwise monolithic red-brick military building. Features included white-colored covered colonnade and esplanade walkways with second levels, and first and second-floor gazebo structures providing views of the ocean and town. Ocean blue metal roofs were also added to compliment the white structures. Round nautical-type windows were designed into the roofs with interior illumination planned to mimic lighthouses. The existing parking lot located along the Boardwalk side was redesigned as a giant pedestrian plaza and included an open-air roofed bar.

The project was presented to the town planning board and redevelopment committee and received approval the same evening. Although the developer received approval and support from the town, they elected to sell the property and the armory was eventually demolished.   

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