Selecting the right commercial architect is critical. A commercial building project can fall behind before it even gets started, resulting in missed deadlines and potentially massive budget over-runs.

Experience is key. A lack of experience in similar project size, scope, and function can quickly set a project back. A lack of experience with the property location’s code requirements and enforcement entities is equally risky. The right architect also possesses the team leadership and communication skills to steer the project around any obstacle.

Salustro Partnership Architects, LLC has produced an array of award-winning signature style buildings for various commercial clients. Their commercial portfolio contains a diverse collection of energy-efficient building types including corporate HQ, hospitality, professional offices, research and development, sports facilities, and retail centers.

According to partner John Salustro, “It’s very satisfying to see how over the last couple decades our commercial projects have contributed both aesthetically and economically to their local communities. I think our track record speaks for itself and that is something we’re extremely proud of.”